Imaging from the dome presented some problems. The biggest problem is that the sky keeps moving and the dome doesn’t J

Shooting some test shots of M42 through a 10inch newt proved that the dome had to be manually moved every 15 minutes or the guide star would be lost as the guide scope went past the shutter opening and pointed at the interior of the dome.

I already had  the USB board used by the Lesve Dome driver and happened to acquired a motor with a cog drive, a toothed belt to suit the cog and a relay board to go with the USB card.

Now how to install all this stuff?



I mounted the motor by cutting some slots and holes in a metal plate so the motor could swing. Once I had the motor and mounting bolts right, I added a spring to tension the motor swing. I then cut a section of the lower ring out of the obs so as to recess the motor and bolted the plate to the lower ring in the right spot for the cog to ride on the track in the middle of its throw distance.



To finalise the dome automation I added a pair of small magnets under the driver cog which cross a reed switch at right angles and create a simple encoder. I added another reed switch and magnet for the home sensor then wired it all back to the electronics so it can be driven by the lesve dome driver.  We now have a tracking dome.