After much procrastinating over design, I decided to build a domed observatory.Primarily I donít have enough room for a roll off roof type structure and secondly Iím surrounded by both orange and white street lights so a dome will help shield the scopes.

The base plans for the dome can be found at Joe Garlitz web site, but Iíd like to thank SteveB (aka : keneticaka : astrosteve) for email support and inspiration as well as Baz at A.S.I.G.N. observatory for the detailed web pages on his dome build.

Iím going to divide the build into sections, as they happened here. The pier was in for almost a year before the obs was started and I built the dome first to make sure I could JThis gave the measurements for the rings which let me lay the floor. Then came the turntable, the walls and then the shutter for the dome.

I wanted to keep this cheap but that was a pipe dream. I had to buy routers, cutting bits, drills and a number of miscellaneous tools as well as the materials and a shit load of glue to make it all happen.


The Pier.

The Dome.

The Rings.

Dome Trimming.

The Floor.

The Turntable.

The Wall.

The Shutter.