I went for a concrete floor. Again due to limited space and aesthetics a circular floor for the dome was the way to go. I dropped a ring over the pier and kicked it into place, then used some line marking paint to draw its outline. I then got the whipper snipper into gear and scalped the area within the painted area. I used 3.5mm Masonite cut into 70mm high strips to make the boxing. I used a builders level to get the boxing close to level by using a block of wood and a hammer to drive the Masonite into the ground. I used a single wood screw to attach the Masonite to the stakes. I also added some zipped expansion joints around the pier block and against the pool pavers. I didnít want this slab pushing anything else out of shape.


I calculated this pour at 22+ bags of premix so instead of spending hours in a wheel barrow mixing premix at about $8/bag, I got Concrete Taxi to deliver the concrete and the slab was poured and finished in an hour and a half. This cost me $210 and Iím really pleased I went this way, it was quick and easy and we now have a solid circular floor under the dome.

Once the wall was up and the dome was on I installed rubber flooring inside the dome.